moonquesting replied to your post: i will not rest until recordshipping b…

does that mean u will never sleep again

i will not rest until recordshipping becomes Real

h/ey……..hey steven stone in th anime, and also lysandre in the Same trailer, and that means that if could be az in th anime then perhap s sidney in the anime and thta means if maybe they are goingnto KISS

i finally cracked (Ha) and made a crack tf2 rp group so far the only members are me and cat please join if u have ever wanted to mess around very loosely in character as gay mercenaries and related wacky individuals

"everybody wants to watch me drink milk" —somebody in my online japanese class



rshi shd

rehli ghd

really good

hi mushishi is good watch mushishi

consider th following

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Elite Four #1

What exactly is the rap dungeon? ?¿¿


a Skype group that is filled with torment ,

as the actual manfred von karma i feel obligated to harbor intense hatred of everything gregory edgeworth stands for but for pretty much the sole reason that he is So Good



gregory edgeworth used to polish his attorney’s badge everyday pass it on

tag archie

(ppl discussing crushes) (does cool aromantic skateboarding tricks) hey look at me