good night friends

IS IT CRAMPED IN THE GUITAR CASE TOGETHER how do you fit a 9 foot guy in a guitar case please explain

9 foot guy is pretty much rhe best joke ive ever had a part in creating and tbh that tells u a lot about me

i lov #halloween i love scary things im goimg to watch 1003037382749 horror movie s

i had a dream tht in the new ace attorney game steampunk sherlock holmes was the culprit and his crime was that he tried to poison someone and pink haired steampunk watson was the one who turned him in bc apparently he just. kept trying to poison people and she was fed up with it

that post about posts not having notes is the only post on my dash that has no notes


i remember playing minecraft with The Pals last halloween oh god its been an entire year what the FCK!!!!!!!

theregoesmyfearow replied to your post: new icon: sidne is wearing a sheet ove…

sidney and phoebe switch. phoebe dresses up as a mighyena

"look phoebe im a ghost" "…….no ur  not" "wtf i am totally a ghost im waving my arms around and everything"

new icon: sidne is wearing a sheet over his head with two eye holes because thats what ghosts wear right

url change for the Halloween Season

hi  im sidney and now that ive fiinished screaming quietly about hats and birds im going to instead scream quietly about a hat simulator (and also birds)

im so gay i lov bird


now im  tired