tumblr “jokes” that are ableist and need to stop


ok so i see post with “jokes” like this going around a lot, often without the op/reblogger realizing they’re probably hurting people. so ive made a post explaining why some of these jokes are hurtful

  • mocking people for bad spelling/grammar (learning disabilities can already make school a hellish experience for people who struggle with this kind of thing. we dont need you to call us out)
  • not explaining jokes/references because someone’s confusion is funny (people with cognitive/learning disabilities often feel like they’re the only person who doesnt understand social cues/”normal” behavior. we spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to pass as “normal”. being belittled because you failed to understand something that all the “normal” people get is one of the worst feelings imaginable)
  • making fun of/insulting people for not liking popular foods (sensory issues can make the smells/taste/textures of certain food incredible overwhelming/unpleasant. its not uncommon for people with autism or similar disorders to be picky eaters because of this. again, we’ve already been made fun of for it, we dont need you to remind us how weird and freakish we are)
Draw Tony

nilesy is great tho………im so happy i have that signed print its framed and hanging in my room and every morning i wake up i see nilesy Going Fast and a small cat face emoticon and its like.yeah dude………yea

well actually nilesy is another pretty chill internet-famous dude so thats 2. 2 out of the absolute masses of cishet white guys on the internet who say things that people pay attention to mostly

replace every vowel in your url with “ub”
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neil cicierega is like. the only sort of famous cishet(?) white guy i am aware of who is a pretty neat person and does not act like a shit. this is actually. really alarming

Send me a ✍ and a character and I’ll draw the character horribly on MS Paint.

i for one greatly enjoy team fortress comics and i think you will also. i have on many occasions readthese wonderful online illustrated misadventures o a variety of great characters, including but not limited to:

  • that one bird from the dating sim you know the scary one i mean the bird not the dating si
  • robot texas hat man
  • a collection of agender salamanders in a person suit
  • scotland
  • constantly screaming hat man
  • ahh mr sneky i see you are wering your fance top
  • extreme russian
  • sonic the hedgehog
  • australia
  • perfect beautiful hardcore amazing glasses goddess
  • gay wizard

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bigender (male/agender) pansexual spy ?

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pleas send me Rad Queer Team Fivetress headcanons i am bored andmy finger has a glowy thing on it that beeps sometimes

"do you know what optimism means?????" "do you know what nutrition means????????" "do you know what sedentary means????????????" yes i do it means im goinng to put my foot up ur fucking ass in a couple seconds if u dont shut up and leave me alon

today a doctor told me i needed to Learn Social Skills because Everyone Has Them It Is A Fact Of Life and then kept asking me if i knew what words meant and then covered his face and asked me if he had any facial hair because he wanted to make a point (the point was if you dont constantly look at someones gross old man beard face you are a bad person apparently)

also he said that me needing familiar surroundings to eat was not an autistic thing because he knows plenty of “young people with autism”

oh yeah also he kept calling me a young lady and oh my GOD shut U


making fun of people who have difficulty with making eye contact wow thats totally new and fresh humor that doesnt hurt anyone